About Us

About Ranger Taekwondo

Ranger Taekwondo was established in March 2016, but its founding had been in the works for many years. The founders, brothers Ben and Dennis, have been teaching Taekwondo for over two decades and bring over 50 years of combined expertise and experience gained as sergeants in the United States Army.

At Ranger Taekwondo, we take a new and revolutionary approach to a traditional sport. We incorporate intense circuit training into a detailed regimen of Olympic-style Taekwondo, emphasizing physical fitness, agility, and proper technique. Our circuit-based training and formal Taekwondo instruction are goal-based, allowing each student to be monitored with measurable, observable, and repeatable exercises.

As Olympic Taekwondo has rapidly evolved in recent years, some traditions have been left behind. Still, Ranger Taekwondo embraces the evolving culture while maintaining essential values that make Taekwondo such a tremendous and rewarding sport. We aim to teach all students the importance of discipline, self-confidence, respect, and leadership.

Thank you for considering Ranger Taekwondo as your choice for martial arts training. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

The Instructors

Dennis Moon

Master Dennis Moon is a highly experienced Kukkiwon Certified 5th Degree Black Belt with over 30+ years of Taekwondo experience. He began his Taekwondo journey at 4 and has trained extensively throughout his adolescence and adulthood.

At 14, Master Dennis Moon began instructing students of all ages and actively participated in Junior Olympic competitions. However, his passion for serving his country led him to enlist in the United States Army’s elite Special Operations Command with the 75th Ranger Regiment. He served as a Sergeant and completed five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Upon returning from duty, Master Dennis Moon resumed his passion for teaching and continued instructing students of all ages. Drawing from his experience as a martial artist and a US Army Special Operations Soldier, Master Dennis Moon has developed an effective teaching style that helps students become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. His unique perspective and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the Ranger Taekwondo community.

Ben Moon

Master Ben Moon is a Kukkiwon Certified 5th Degree Black Belt with over 30+ years of Taekwondo experience. He began his journey with Taekwondo at age 5 and trained throughout his youth. At 12, Master Ben Moon began competing in junior Olympic-level competitions.

After serving in the United States Army as an Infantry Rifleman, team, and squad leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Master Ben Moon resumed his passion for Taekwondo. He competed at the highest level at the US National and National Collegiate levels, becoming a 3-time USA Taekwondo National Qualifier (2006, 2009, and 2014), 1-time Collegiate Pac-West champion (2006), and 3-time Korean National Sports Festival Champion (2005, 2007, 2009).

With his extensive background, Master Ben Moon has gained the knowledge and experience to teach Taekwondo students of all levels in recreational and competitive fields. He emphasizes proper technique, discipline, and self-confidence to help students reach their full physical and mental potential. Master Ben Moon’s passion for Taekwondo is evident in his dedication to his students and ongoing commitment to the martial arts community.