Ranger TKD FAQ

Generally, we accept children aged 4 years and above. Each child is different, ideally your child should be able to focus on a single activity for 10-15 minutes. Focus and concentration is also something we build through teaching taekwondo, so we look to improve attention span as your child learns.

Thanks for your interest! Please complete our Sign Up form to get started.

New child students need to go through our trial class program before joining regular class. Trial schedules are limited, so we will contact you to schedule to next available slot after you complete the Sign Up form.

We welcome new adult students to join a regular class right away. Please complete the Sign Up form so we can learn your experience and goals.

You are always welcome come by our studio to observe the class and ask questions!

There are many different styles and types currently in use today in taekwondo. The two largest organizations which govern the two different styles are the International Taekwondo Federation (I.T.F) and the World Taekwondo. Both have very different styles and rules. Currently, the International Olympic Community aligns its rules and regulations with World Taekwondo.
At Ranger Taekwondo, we abide by World Taekwondo rules and regulations, practicing Olympic-style taekwondo.

Yes there is. The adult program meets in the evenings to accommodate the busy working professional lives/careers of adulthood. In certain instances we might recommend a young adult to participate in the adult class depending on their experience and skill level. The adult program accepts all varying levels of experience; advanced to beginner.

We understand that the journey to black belt takes quite a bit of commitment and dedication. We also understand that life happens; people move, take a break or switch taekwondo studios. At Ranger Taekwondo we try our best to accommodate prior experience by assessing their knowledge and placing them at the appropriate skill level we feel best matches our belt ranking system.

Currently, membership to our program supports unlimited amount of class participation as long as you fit the necessary criterion during the designated times (please reference Class Schedule). Whether it’s two times a week or six, if you’ve got the time then Ranger Taekwondo will definitely provide the instruction.