Ranger TKD Classes

We instruct students of this age with a fun, engaging, and active environment. Children will develop strength and agility while learning self defense and taekwondo techniques. By keeping activities and instruction short and with high energy, children learn to extend their focus and attention span. Drills and exercises promote interaction and cooperation with fellow students. Through group activities and friendly competition your child will develop social skills and teamwork. Taekwondo techniques and skills encourage your child to be assertive and respectful. This promotes both discipline and self confidence

Ranger Taekwondo has developed a program for students who are going through many changes. Whether it be school, family, or friends, children at this age face many challenges. Ranger Taekwondo feels it’s important to equip each student with the right tools to handle and manage the pressures of growing up. We incorporate a strict military style curriculum which promotes discipline, mental agility, and focus. Your child will experience:

  • Muscle development, increased flexibility, conditioning and balance
  • Increased focus, discipline, and respect
  • Development of a strong moral compass and a spiritual sense of self
  • Adults and teens face a different challenge when learning taekwondo than children. Although more information can be understood and absorbed, our bodies may not want to agree with our thoughts. Also, the reason we join and train can vary in many different ways. Whether it be to learn self defense, get fit, or earn a black belt, we focus on catering our training to meet your needs. Ranger Taekwondo strives to provide the best for each student, and we also encourage each student to bring out the best in themselves.

    Class Schedule

    At Ranger TKD, we have classes Monday through Saturday. Choose from the many options of available classes. Each student will be required to attend at least 2 classes a week, while attending additional classes is optional and highly encouraged. 

    If you are a new student looking to join us, please fill out the Sign Up form and we’ll schedule you into the next Trial Class available. Please contact us for additional information and questions!

    2021-22 Holiday Closures